We are a FrenchTech company developing AI-driven solutions for investors and corporate actors. As tech enthusiasts, we like writing about machine learning and SOTA performance the latest algorithms can reach. We work with a research-oriented approach, and that is why we created this blog to share what we think can be valuable for anybody interested in machine learning and AI. We use open-source tools every day, and we wanted to bring our modest contribution for people willing to learn about this exciting field. Our company is divided into three branches :

Quantrack A.I

Quantrack A.I is our dedicated entity to cutting-edge artificial intelligence projects, with a strong emphasis on open-source social network data mining, natural language processing, and real-time sentiment analysis.

Quantrack Source

Quantrack Source provides both individual and corporate actors with valuable databases, enriched and augmented with alternative data. We aim to target investors and venture capitals in Latin America.

Quantrack Academy

Quantrack Academy offers onsite training courses to enhance tech-related skills and events organizations. Members of the team have very relevant experiences, and we organize hackathons in the LATAM region. Our training offer mainly targets executives while our events could attract a broader range of actors. We focus on several domains where we have high-level technical experiences such as digital transformation, blockchain, cyber-security, and data-science/artificial-intelligence.